Call for Papers


募集は「論文」と「報告」の2部門があり、ともにDVD-ROMで配布します。今年より、論文・報告は全て電子登録・投稿となります。カラー利用の制約はありません。また、論文・報告を合わせて、同一発表者での投稿は2 件までとします。発表セッションは、カテゴリー、キーワード、発表内容から組織します。各セッションには論文と報告の発表が含まれます。

AIJISA2018 (the 41th Symposium on Computer Technology of Information, Systems and Applications) invites original research and practice papers to advance in architecture/urban design and engineering, to foster planning, design, construction and management field, and to improve qualities of designers and engineers. Authors can use English and Japanese as the languages of papers and presentations.

Papers are categorized two: Full paper with full paper review process and short paper without review process. All the accepted papers are included conference proceedings (DVD-ROM). An author can submit up to two papers as the first author.